Tuesday, December 1, 2009

jumble of kayakers

Sometimes, my drawings are from a snapshot image in my brain. This drawing is one such example. The occassion was running Quartzville Creek at flood stage. Normally considered too high to run above 2500 cfs, we had the priviledge of running it at 8000 cfs. Boating at this high level demanded a new technique for me...I call it "brainstem paddling". Basically, you get about 1/4 of a second when you are at the tops of the waves to map out your course. Then you drop in to the trough between waves, and can't see anything. Then you get to the top of the waves again and have that split second to alter your course. Well, this drawing depicts that split second at the top of the wave, looking down into the next hole. I found the hole significantly occupied with multiple kayakers getting tumbled in the hydraulic. Somehow, I didn't run into anybody, and joined the fracas and was tumbled around myself for a couple of seconds, then spat out below, where I rolled up and kept paddling. That was an exciting trip!!!

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  1. Pretty sure that guy looks entirely to happy for the predicament he is in. Then again I think that is probably Randy so it would be accurate.