Wednesday, December 2, 2009

dancing stegosaurus

Every once in a while, I get delusions of grandeur and think I could actually be an illustrator. Usually reality creeps back in to my mind in time, but occasionally I get some pretty good concepts and drawings out of the process.
Here is one such case. I love the idea of a great big lumbering stegosaurus getting up on his hind legs with a good pair of cheap sunglasses, and dancing something like the jitterbug!! Somehow, this drawing hit everything just right; the amount of detail, the proportions, the attitude, the color, the action, all work together to make a great composition.
From this drawing, the plot expanded to include Caveman Clyde who discovers a ghetto-blaster somewhere in the bushes and becomes lord of the dinosaurs with his music blazing away!!!........until the batteries run out.....
None of the other drawings came out as well as this one....back to the drawing board!!!!

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