Friday, December 18, 2009

summer camp

I have said it before...this is great fun!!! I have been digging around the house, looking for sketch books and drawing pads, and have found absolute treasures!!
This is my take on summer camp for tae kwon do, when Maryn and I spent a very soggy weekend at Skamania Cove. This drawing may look like an exageration, but it isn't that far off. We were doing push-ups where I couldn't see my hands cuz they were so deep in the muddy water. When it wasn't raining, it was hot and muggy, so we sweat right through all our clothing and got just about as wet anyway. Then when we finally got to go to sleep, our tent was 20' from the railroad track where large freight trains passed by every 1/2 hour. That evil looking character on the left is my image of Master Preston, who is actually an extremely nice and giving person, but he was on a tirade that weekend!! Of course, that is me doing the push-ups... I haven't gone to summer camp since....

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