Monday, December 14, 2009

little golfer

When Chris had her children's store, Knickers, we printed some clothes with my graphics on them. This is one such graphic. I actually colored this for the t-shirts. They sold, but not well. This composition attempts to hit the fanatical golf phenomemum. There are so many golfers and golf courses in this area. It has been known as the "Palm Springs of the North". So, we tried to capitalize on the market. I probably should have hit the pro-shops as well as Knickers, but it gave the store a little advantage. Very little advantage...
I like the simplicity of this graphic. Easy to understand, but not a lot of busy-work. Just enough shading to see the shapes, but not overdone. And the little guy is just so cute!!!

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  1. Yeah the little guy is cute- I love this blog. It is fresh and happy.