Sunday, December 27, 2009

I got lots of great presents for Christmas!!! Among them were new pens and a new sketch book. Yea...I love sketch books. I also got a book on the art of Gris Grimly. Those of you who don't know who he is, go to
He is an amazing artist, who is also apparently somewhat demented. He is a "horror artist." hmmm, doesn't sound like a place I want to go, but there are aspects of his figures that are very usable.
So, after our annual present-opening orgy, I started to think about how tired Santa MUST be to have delivered soooo many presents to soooo many boys and girls. So, I drew Santa, tired, skinny, and totally haggard. How Gris Grimly can I get????? So, here it is, page one of my new sketch book for 2010!!! I hope to post a lot more from this book, and more finished drawings as well in the coming year.
So, now that Christmas is behind us, Happy New Year!!!!

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