Thursday, December 17, 2009

fisherman vs. the fish

I like this one!!! It was drawn to be another graphic for a Knickers t-shirt. It could use some color if it ever goes that far. But I like it because it shows the perspective from both the fisherman, and the fish!!
The fisherman is jazzed because he got a great fish on the line. But underwater, the fish has friends that are either horrified that their friend got caught, or determined to strike back at the fisherman. All they have are his legs to work on. Notice the one fish biting him, and the other fish ramming his knee-cap. They have also procured the assistance from the local crawdad, who is pinching the guys toe!!
Lots going on here, but still a simple graphic that can translate into a nice t-shirt. I also think I came up with a nice detail in showing the water level. When colored, the waves would stand out as the dividing element between air and water. I think it worked well.
I like to draw fish. It is fun to give them facial expressions when real fish don't have any personality per se...

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