Sunday, December 6, 2009

Don Quixote

This drawing almost made it to the calendar, but I like it anyway. I was inspired to draw this one as we were driving from Madrid to Granada, via Toledo, home of Don Quixote. As you walk in the old part of town, you see the influence of Don Quixote all over the place. Yet, as we were driving, and nearing the town, the countryside was covered with modern, power-generating windmills. I had never seen such a concentration of windmills. And these are not small unobstructive things. These things stand about 150' high!!! The windmills in this drawing do not do them justice. They were huge!! There is no way Don Quixote would have beaten one of these new windmills, I don't care how good he might have been with a lance!!! By the way, Toledo was a wonderful place to visit.

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