Monday, November 30, 2009

Bob and Flora

Well, I don''t know about all you folks in internet land, but I am having a great time posting all this stuff!!
This time, I uploaded three pages out of my sketch book. Sometimes, the drawings in the sketch book are more fun than the final drawings that may get published in some fashion. You get to be a bit freer with your composition in a sketch book. They don't really matter. For instance, who is that guy climbing on Flora's right shoulder? Who is just a sketch book. I am trying here to work up a good "Flora". Her progression is fun to see, going from the first page to the third page. Again, I have to work harder to draw women than men...even middle aged women. So Flora gets
more work than Bob. He was easy...just a skinny, balding old guy!!

These pages show a progression in the development I had for illustrating our travels. It is the Bob and Flora Show!!

The idea is that Bob and Flora can travel around the world, and show illustrations as well as their reactions to different places. For instance, what would be their reaction to seeing the Matterhorn? Well, that would mean that I had better go see the Matterhorn myself to get an idea. Oh darn!! Would I be able to write off all my travels this way??? An interesting idea, eh?

who is this guy shooting himself in the head? Or the dog, and why is that man running across the page? SKETCH BOOK!!!

This is the latest rendition of Bob and Flora. Let me know what you think of this idea. I am still intrigued by the concept....

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  1. I think a better question is can Bob and Flora make the dweeb cartoonist famous? I say yes.