Wednesday, November 11, 2009

the first entry!!

So, here is my first REAL entry to my new blogspot! The purpose here is to share some of my old drawings, and some of my new drawings with you all. This also gives me an opportunity to explain myself and what I was thinking with some of the drawings. Many of these will be recognized from my annual calendar. I can't believe I have been drawing the family calendar for over 15 years. Wow!

So, I thought it would be appropriate to have the first drawing be a self portrait. I really like this drawing as it hits a lot of what I had been into at the time. Notice all the fun gear, including a tae kwon do outfit, including headgear (cushion those blows to the head), a bow staff (another tae kwon do implement),a snowboard, kayak, and dartboard. The two drawings on the wall represent house designs, and some 'toons I did for a running magazine for a while. The little figurines at my feet are Warhammer miniatures, which I have spent a lot of time and $$ painting. More about that another time...then, of course, the chord to my computer screen is always attached to me, so work is never far away. Obviously, I am happy about the whole situation here, oh, and also have my favorite tunes playing at all times. Life is good!!!


  1. Very cool Rick. Love knowing the story behind the picture. I really look forward to more entries.

  2. This will be an adventure and a lot of fun - glad you're embarking on the journey

  3. Since when do you play darts?