Tuesday, November 17, 2009


I have a lot of drawings from kayaking experiences. Some have even been published!! Not this one. This was an idea for a T-shirt design. I like it because it portrays the feeling of "getting maytagged". A funny "double entendre"...

For those of you who are not familiar w/ "getting maytagged", it is what can happen to you on a river, if you get sideways in a hole, or where the water pours over a rock vertically, and actually makes the water downstream of that rock flow upstream, meaning...you are stuck!!! Then the water coming over the rock pounds on your upstream edge of your kayak, and causes you to flip REALLY fast. Of course, your desire is to then roll back up so you can breathe again. You then find yourself still sideways in the same hole, and suddenly, the water hits your upstream edge, knocking you over again, setting yourself up to do this whole process over, again and again and again. Sometimes you get a rhythm going of flipping and rolling back up really fast. I have actually gotten dizzy from getting maytagged!! Sooner or later, you have to break the cycle, and either stay upside down and hope the deeper water moves you downstream, or pull the spray skirt and swim out.
Or, you could get the same sensation by jumping in your washing machine and turning it on spin cycle...

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  1. So you may ask is this depiction accurate? Pretty much.