Sunday, November 29, 2009


Along the lines of superheroes, here is Chemo-Girl...Baddest Babe on the Planet!! The idea of this drawing was to empower my sister-in-law, who was undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer at the time. So, I made her a t-shirt with this graphic. Note; single boob, and bald bad-ass is that!!!?? See the energy field she is shooting off her hand? Well that's radio-active bombardment that her body has absorbed, and can now command at her will. Totally Bad-Ass!!
I had a great time coloring this in photo-shop. One of my early attempts. I thought it came out fairly successfully, and the clean lines work better on t-shirt graphics.
So, if you happen to know someone who needs, and would wear such a shirt, let me know, and I will make a special print for time for Christmas???

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  1. I love when you color the toons. Beautiful shading. Did you do that on the computer?