Friday, November 20, 2009


A request from my fan club!!! (thanks, Joel) This is another "off color" drawing. This one never made it out of the sketch book, but I always liked it. When I just uncovered it, I found that a lot of paint had been splattered on it, so I cleaned it up in Photoshop as best as I could...

The humor is pretty basic, really, but the play on words was too obvious. I had to draw it. I remember showing it to my mom afterwards, and her only comment was,"Criminy!! That's as old as the hills!" Well, maybe some of the older gags never get too old.

I have to say, I like the girl's attitude!! She has everything under control, especially the guy!! He is so excited to be just going through her drawers. His salivary glands (among others) are flowing overtime!! And yet she is soooo calm, checking out her fingernails and chatting on the phone... The poor chump doesn't have a chance!!