Sunday, November 22, 2009

nano carbon technology

So, this is another toon that I haven't really published. It was part of my group's final submittal for a sustainable building advisor class. This hi-tech nerd presented our group with a whole new technology, "nano-carbon" technology. His concept was that you would be able to create complete vacuumes inside nano carbon tubes, thereby eliminating all friction, and create ultra fast mobility. He claimed that top speeds could be as high as 4000 mph. So, you could be in Tokyo in a couple of hours!!! Now, I am not a great scientist, or engineer, but that seemed like a really difficult goal to achieve in a perfect environment, much less achieve in the real world. He call himself a progressive thinker. I guess so!!! Well, my group was working on a sustainable development here in Bend, and we get this presentation. The irony of the whole concept here in Bend was too much. So I had to draw it. I love the juxtaposition of the hi-tech tube with the farmer plowing his field. The thought of going from 0-4000 mph is pretty scary, so I had to show that with the first commuter in the line. Total Terror!! Then, of course, when I think of wierd contraptions (which is what I thought of this nano carbon tube), I have to think of Dr. Suess. So, the tube, stantions, and platform are modelled in that spirit. Meanwhile, everything is normal, and the guy is reading his morning newspaper waiting for the next car, and the lady is trying desparately to control her kid. How could something like that be normal????

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  1. Looks like a habi-trail to me. Only thing missing is an exercise wheel.