Friday, December 13, 2013

tons of toons has been lying dormant for way too long.  I have been drawing, and have some more toons to add, including new calendar drawings.  But I wanted to start with a drawing that didn't make this year's calendar.  Chris thought it was too scary.  But I really like to composition and the concept of it, so I am posting it on my blog, to start things off again!!

We had a Peregrine Falcon spend some time at our house this last summer, and he made a few surprise visits to our bird feeders.  We realized that we were chumming for hawks by feeding our birds that are residents to our house.  We would periodically find little piles of feathers around our yard, and we confirmed what was going on when I happened to be sitting on our deck watching the birds, when POOF, and this guys showed up right on the lowest branches of our tree.  He missed the birds, but gave me a good show.

Keep watching for updates.  More to come!!

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