Wednesday, April 4, 2012

tournament logo

Haven't posted in a while. Meanwhile, I have been working on this graphic for Master Graff's upcoming tournament. It is going to be for the older members of the tae kwon do community. Those over 40...

So, the challenge was to make a character that looks old, but not feeble; universal, but not sexist; and, of course, badass!! I fell back on my favorite character that I have used a number of times before, bald with the long white beard. Sort of my own "Mr. Natural". Then I played off the cane as a gag for being old, but this guy is still badass!!

Then I used Master Graff's logo as the background. So, now this tournament is easily identified with High Desert Martial Arts.

A little photoshope fonts for the info, and Voila!!

If you are in town on Oct. 6, come on down and watch. It should be a fun tournament.

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