Thursday, June 10, 2010

whitewater rodeo

Right now, all the rivers are up, and flushing tons of water eagerly to the sea!! I am looking forward to hearing my friend Robert's tales of adventure on the Bruneau/jarbridge river in Idaho. It was flowing at over 2x the recommended flow...ooh, exciting!!


So, with that in mind, I thought I would post my image of a whitewater rodeo at Bob's Hole, on the Clackamas River in Estacada, near Portland. When I drew this toon, rodeo's consisted of jumping into a nasty hole, and trying to look cool...a smile...twirl your paddle...some have even juggled balls while riding sideways in the hole. Today, the dynamic is completely different. Now, it is how many acrobatic tricks can you do in the hole...cartwheels, flips, etc. Crazy stuff they are doing now. As for me, I just try to survive while in a hole like Bob's Hole. It is scary stuff!!

Enjoy the spring runoff!!

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