Wednesday, June 2, 2010


I haven't posted a blog in waaay too long. Too many things going on. Mostly, helping Mom pass into the next existence. It wasn't easy to watch her wither away. Now she is gone.
After her passing, I had a chance to go through some of the old pictures in her albums that were hidden in every nook and cranny in her house. I am looking forward to going through all the other scrap books that are scattered around. Anyway, I found this photo, which I love. Mom is 19 in this picture, before she married Dad. I believe this was taken during her first "date", a trial run on Dad's boat, "Carola". She is so gorgeous!! and full of life!! She remained so full of life, right up to the end.
I will miss her...


  1. Beautiful picture. Wonderful post. So sorry about your mom, Rick. XOX md

  2. hey rock. Thanks for the sentiment.