Thursday, February 4, 2010


It was suggested by CAB that I present a "point-counterpoint" to the gardening experience at our house. So, yesterday's post was the "point". And today I present the "counterpoint", the on-going war we are having with various animals that like to take advantage of the juicy vegetables, and plants in our garden.

The fence, depicted here, was new when this picture was drawn, and still little critters sneaked in to the garden. So, CAB put up bird netting to catch the little suckers. Sure enough, we caught a small chipmunk, and he died tangled up in the netting. A small victory for our side!!! We left his carcass hanging in the netting for all creatures, great and small, to see the consequences of messing with our garden!!!
Believe it or not, that seemed to help. However, the battle continues, and we will see what new enemy presents itself come this spring.

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