Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Here's a toon from an older calendar drawing. I like this cuz it depicts our garden, and our efforts in the garden quite well.
As much as the guy is grimacing, trying desparately to pull out whatever weed that is, I think this drawing portrays great vibes. It shows the lush foliage, abundant vegetables, and great joy being able to show the huge tomato!
This is a depiction of our garden, and I have drawn a lot of depictions of our garden. I just think this captures the feeling. Our garden is a big part of our summer. Every winter, about now, Chris starts pulling out the garden catalogs, and figures out what to order and puts together a planting layout for when the snow thaws. Whenever we have a warm spell, she thinks it is time to plant again. As much as I bitch about it, I do actually enjoy the gardening part of it. It's the moving of rocks that gets to me more than anything. And our yard is full of rocks!!! Give me a small patch of weeds to pull on a nice sunny day, and I will be quite content. I think it will get more enjoyable as I get older. That's what you do when you retire, right?

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  1. You should contrast this one with the make my day cartoon...many sides of gardening?