Thursday, December 30, 2010

greatest hits again

I think Joel was a senior at Bard when he announced that he was volunteering at the local prison, teaching the inmates philosophy.
Immediately, this great image came into my head; huge thugs, crack heads, murderers, gangsters, etc. all sitting around a classroom with little, defenseless Joel commanding their attention. I can just imagine the heated discussions, like, "That guy, Ludwig Wittgenstein didn't know #($*%& about how the world works!!!" I prayed that the discussions never over heated, because Joel would have been an easy target.
But, no!! He commanded their respect and everything went very smoothly. The inmates were eager to learn!! As it turns out, Joel is showing a definite talent for this kind of thing, and is looking at getting a teaching credential, with an emphasis on special-needs kids!! It is always amazing, the things in our lives that spur us on to greatness.
Anyway, this toon is a fun depiction of my first image of teaching in a prison...

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