Monday, October 25, 2010

first greatest hits

So, I have begun working on the calendar for 2011!! Wow, I have been doing this for a long time! My first calendar was in 1994, so that's 17 calendars I have put together. So, I thought it might be fun to do a "greatest hits" series of posts. I will be selecting my favorite drawings, for whatever reason.
My first "greatest hit" is this series from a wonderful trip to Nepal, back in the '03 calendar, which means we were there in '02. I chose to post both these drawings because they were in the same calendar, and were from the same trip. And what a trip it was!! Lindsay did an amazing job of planning our itinerary. She was there for 6 months or so, while our trip was to visit her for 2 weeks. Wow, hiking, paddling, more paddling, riding elephants, bird watching, shopping,and tons more!! So, two highlights were riding elephants, and, believe it or not, battling leeches during our 4-day trek. Our elephant ride really did come face to face with a rhinoceros!! Quite a stand off. Fortunately, our elephant won the argument. Then the battle of the leeches wasn't necessarily a good highlight, but certainly something all of us will remember.
I think these toons really capture the feeling of the time, and have a spot of humor as well. They were colored with my felt markers, which is less formal and precise than Photoshop, but a lot of fun to work with. So, the feeling that these toons evoke from me make them one of my "greatest hits."

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