Wednesday, September 29, 2010

happy birthday

My wife's birthday was two days ago, and I did a crappy job of addressing it. I was too wrapped up in my own affairs to pay it much attention. Not a good way to keep a healthy relationship!!
It is not that I didn't care, but I didn't take the active role in making it a special day for her. So, it ended up being just another day. Even after all these years, birthdays are special, and need to be treated as such. So, to those readers who are new to the business of relationships, remember to remember your better half's birthday, and do something special with him/her. It is now too late for me to make my better half's birthday special, but watch out for next year!!! and the year after!!!! and the year after that!!!
So, this little toon is simply posted to tell my honey that I really do love her, and once again wish her a happy birthday...even if I didn't do right.

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