Thursday, August 26, 2010

good wolf vs bad wolf

This is a drawing I did for a book of fables that I helped
create for my tae kwon do instructor and the owner of the gym. I illustrated a whole compilation of stories. It was a lot of fun, and Master Graff has used the book a lot since, reading the fables to his students at the end of class. It is very rewarding to know he uses the book.
This fable is of a native american grandfather who is telling his grandson about two wolves, one very good wolf, and one evil wolf. The grandson asks, "Which wolf is stronger?" The grandfather replies, " Whichever wolf you feed more."

think about it....

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  1. This is very cool! I happen to be editing a mini documentary here in North California. It includes George Mumford (sports psychology trainer for lakers, bulls) The doc connects inner city kids with romodels, football players, musicians and boxers. Anyway, George tells the Wolf fable to the kids and I thought it would be cool to include some illustrations. I saw this and was wondering if I could ask your permission to use it in the doc. Of course you would be credited too. Thanks! and here's my email