Wednesday, January 6, 2010

only you can prevent forest fires

I apologize for not getting more toons out, but suddenly, work beckons!! But this is fun, so I will do the best I can, so keep checking back.

So, this toon was drawn for my favorite landscape designer who has worked with me on a number of projects. She specializes in native, deer resistant, and fire resistant landscapes. She also does a lot of seminars about landscape theory here in town. So, she wanted a toon about putting forest fires on notice that they will be punished (as in fire resistant plants). So, the courtroom scene seemed appropriate. Giving Smokey the Bear personality was easy...been done already. But, making fire the bad guy was fun. He not only has a personification, but he is a complete insolent jerk. He looks a little anarchistic, defiant of what Smokey is accusing him of. Of course, the ranger and the judge are all accusatory as well. But don't you just love his little shoes??? He still has to be able to walk...
A little photoshop shading helps punch out the characters.

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